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v.2.2 (Jun 12, 2014):
  • Added: Support for contributors (groups)
  • Added: Bubbletag option for round / not round
  • Added: Option to reverse pagination
  • Added: Header and Footer HTML Code
  • Added: Font option for base/text font
  • Added: Give credit option
  • Fixed: Title color fixed and renamed logo color
  • Fixed: Photoset size when in 2 columns
  • Fixed: Thumbnails spacing in multiple columns layout
  • Fixed: Large text on thumbnails now wraps
  • Fixed: Closed tag for Ask Me block
  • Fixed: Logo (text) side margin
  • Fixed: Some missing localization tags were added
  • Updated: FB Open Graph properties
  • Updated: Fitvids script
v.2.1 (Out 10, 2013):
  • Added: Fitvids (support for responsive videos)
  • Added: Option for full width images
  • Added: Submit functionality
  • Added: Option to show author’s name
  • Added: Pagination as page links
  • Added: Answer post type
  • Added: Option to position info on content page (left/right/stacked)
  • Added: Option to position footer (left/center/right)
  • Added: Option to position content (left/center/right)
  • Added: Option for content width
  • Added: Option to position logo (left/center/right)
  • Added: Optional sidebar left/right
  • Added: Option to show avatar image with the description
  • Added: Optional Description on sidebar column
  • Added: Style formatting for the <hr> tag
  • Fixed: Click-through corrected on photo posts
  • Fixed: Disqus and Facebook comments only appear on post (not pages).
  • Fixed: Thumbnails are now uniform (audio, video, photo) and working well
  • Fixed: Caption in reblogged posts.
  • Changed: Notes are now under Disqus and Facebook comments
  • Changed: Social media icons are now visible on the mobile version
  • Changed: Removed JTruncate - using CSS instead
v.2.0 (Jan 23, 2013):
  • Added: Support for the click-thorugh link on photo posts
  • Added: Enable Lightbox option
  • Added: New overlay tag (now there are 3 overlays tags)
  • Changed: Improved custom blockquotes display
  • Fixed: Lightbox styles (caption is hidden)
  • Fixed: Large audio titles are truncated in thumbnails
  • Fixed: Social sharing links were cropped in internal pages
  • Fixed: Overlay tags now show description text when mouse-over
  • Fixed: Viewport meta tag
v.1.9 (Dec 6, 2012):

Important: ‘Custom Tag’ is now called ‘Overlay Tag’
Important: ‘Top Tag’ is now called ‘Bubble Tag’

  • Added: Optional Show Email button / Editable Email button text
  • Added: ‘Bubble tag’ colors can now be chosen on the colors panel
  • Added: Separate option for thumbnail overlay colors in ‘custom tags’
  • Added: Overlay opacity value for thumbnail overlay in ‘custom tags’
  • Added: JQuery to truncate text on thumbnails caption
  • Added: Optional Bubble Tag size
  • Added: Overlay tag now applies to all post formats
  • Added: Optional Background Image (+ Page Bkg Repeat + Enable Transparent Background Options)
  • Added: Optional/editable Social Media Title
  • Added: New code reset
  • Changed: Multiple typographic fixes
  • Changed: Audio cover art fills entire area in the permalink page
  • Fixed: Last thumbnail alignment (iPhone)
  • Fixed: Z-index for back to top button
  • Updated: Border-radius now working in IE
  • Updated: Latest JQuery URL
v.1.8 (October 25, 2012):
  • Added: Optional photoset layouts for permalink pages
  • Added: Photosets thumbnails show only the first image now
  • Bug fixed: Pagination links margin fixed
  • Bug fixed: Facebook share is now showing photos from photoset posts
  • Bug fixed: Permalink pages are showing meta-info even when there’s only one post
  • Bug fixed: Footer is showing even when copyright text is not defined
  • Bug fixed: When ‘Show Notes’ is off, no mention to notes will show
  • Removal of meta-info from Pages is now using another method
v.1.7 (October 20, 2012):
  • Added: Optional Show Date
  • Added: Optional Show Tags
  • Added: Support for Facebook Comments on post pages
  • Added: Discus comments on post pages (won’t show in static pages)
  • Added: Color option for ‘Mobile Header Title’ and centered horizontally
  • Added: Title tags to all Social Icons
  • Added: Storenvy icon
  • Added: Mouse-over information in photo/photoset thumbnails (v.1.6) is now optional
  • Added: Addition to the meta description tag
  • Added: Correction to the viewport tag element
  • Added: Title tag fix for search results compatibility
  • Bug fixed: Mouse-over text is corrected now (had strange characters)
  • Bug fixed: IE9 - information on thumbnail is only shown on mouse-over
  • Bug fixed: Transparency on mouse-over layer (over thumbnails)
  • Removal of meta-info from Pages (permalink, date, contact button)
v.1.6 (September 27, 2012):
  • Added: Animated link ‘Back to Top’
  • Added: 3 New social media icons (Ebay, Instagram, Soundcloud)
  • Added: Lightbox script to zoom image to high-resolution - Slimbox2
  • Added: Search (optional)
  • Added: Mouse-over information in photo/photoset thumbnails
  • Bug fixed: Thumbnail Background for Tag 2 corrected as Accent Color 1
  • Bug fixed: Photoset thumbnail posts show now the bubble tags
  • Bug fixed: Duplicate pagination links on narrow viewports (SmartPhones)
v.1.5 (July 2, 2012):
  • Enhanced responsive version up to smallest devices (SmartPhones)
  • Added optional ‘Mobile Logo’ image and background color
  • Added optional ‘Show Permalink’
  • Added optional ‘Centered Logo’
  • Added configurable ‘Header Height’
  • Added 14 new social media icons (AboutMe, Amazon, Apple, AppStore, Behance, Blogger, Cargo, Coroflot, Creative Commons, Delicious, DeviantART, Digg, Etsy, Pinterest)
  • Small changes to the layout: footer is under the new #wrapper area (instead of the #container)
  • Javascript moved to the bottom of the page for quicker rendering of the page (except for the HTMLshiv)
  • Bug fixed: Width of internal image no longer stretched to the max width of column
  • Bug fixed: Bubbles in the thumbnails page can now use numbers (bug in css when using a number as class
v.1.4 (Mar 22, 2012):
  • Added optional ‘Tiling Thumbnails’
v.1.3 (Mar 9, 2012):
  • Added optional ‘Different colors for Top Tags’
  • Added 2 new ‘Top Tags’
  • Added ‘Accent Color 3’ to be used if different color for top tags
  • Custom tags related bug fixed
v.1.2 (Feb 26, 2012):
  • Contact Email button corrected
  • Navigation by tags corrected
  • Tag title added on tag page
v.1.1 (Feb 14, 2012):
  • IE fix: Circular thumbnails are switched off on all IE browsers (IE9 has buggy support for border-radius CSS3 property)
  • Other minor fixes
v.1.0 (Feb 11, 2012):
  • Release of this theme